A don’t (diy) tutorial

Version 5.99-E

October 15, 2014

diy is a tool suite for testing shared memory models. We provide several tools, litmus (Part I) for running tests, diy generators (Part II) for producing tests from concise specifications, and herd (Part III) for simulating memory models. In Part IV we describe a few concrete experiments, illustrating frequent usage patterns of diy generators and of litmus. Finally (Part V), we briefly describe our experimental dont tool for either checking the conformance of a machine to an architecture or exploring the memory model of a given machine automatically.

The software is written in Objective Caml, and released as sources. The web site of diy is http://diy.inria.fr/, authors can be contacted at diy-devel@inria.fr. This software is released under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License.

This document in Postscript and Pdf.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.