We provide the (don't) diy testing tool for weak memory models, which generates PowerPC or x86 assembly tests from concise specifications. We handle the instruction reordering, store buffering and store atomicity relaxations.


July 2012 the 23th: Release of diy 5.01, better documentation.

June 2012 the 5th: Release of diy 5.00, featuring the new tools mcycles and classify for classifying tests; and more collaboration from generators to litmus for affinity and prefetch settings.

January 2011 the 24th: Release of diy 4.00, including a new test generator diycross. Experimental support for the ARM architecture.

October 2010 the 11th: Release of diy 3.00, including the new automated front-end don't.

June 2010 the 28th: Release of diy 2.00.

January 2010 the 15th: Release of the first version of diy.

(Don't) Do It Yourself: Weak Memory Models

(don't) diy is a tool suite: litmus runs assembly tests against hardware, diy proper generates assembly tests from concise specifications, and don't automatically either checks the conformance of a machine to a given model, or explores the features exhibited by a machine.

You will find here the sources of the tool, as well as a documentation.