Test Andy26

Similar to Andy25, by the mean of a chain of data dependencies and of rf external, the store conditional by P0 write its own result (plus one) into memory. Test differ in that the dependencies of Andy25 pass throug the associalted load-reserve; while by a different, plain, load for Andy26.

RISCV Andy26
0:x7=A; 0:x8=B; 0:x9=C;
        1:x8=B; 1:x9=C;
 P0               | P1           ;
 lr.w x1,0(x7)    | lw x4,0(x9)  ;
 lw x2,0(x8)      | sw x4,0(x8)  ;
 sc.w x3,x2,0(x7) |              ;
 addi x4,x3,1     |              ;
 sw x4,0(x9)      |              ;
(0:x1=0 /\ 0:x2=1 /\ 0:x3=0 /\ 1:x4=1)