Test Andy25

By the mean of a chain of data dependencies and of rf external, the store conditional by P0 write its own result (plus one) into memory.

RISCV Andy25
"based on: DpDatadW RfePX DpDatadWXP Rfe"
0:x7=A; 0:x8=B;
1:x7=A; 1:x8=B;
 P0               | P1           ;
 lr.w x1,0(x7)    | lw x4,0(x8)  ;
 sc.w x2,x1,0(x7) | sw x4,0(x7)  ;
 addi x3,x2,1     |              ;
 sw x3,0(x8)      |              ;
(0:x1=1 /\ 0:x2=0 /\ 1:x4=1)