Installation of herdtools7

The herdtools7 suite includes: litmus7 a tool to run tests on hardware, diy7 (proper) a set of test generators, and herd7, a memory model simulator.

Binary installation with opam

Opam users can easily install the complete tool suite as:

  % opam update
  % opam install herdtools7

We strongly recommend installing the OCaml Package Manager opam.

Source installation

The herdtools7 suite is written in the OCaml programming language. Compilation from sources requires a version of OCaml as recent as 4.08.0, the build system dune and the parser generator menhir.

Again it is highly recommended to have this base software installed under opam.

  % opam install dune menhir
Installation (in $HOME/bin) is then as easy as:

  % make all
  % make install

See also file from the source distribution. In particular, it is possible to compile and install herdtools7 with ocamlbuild

Notice that the easiest way to install dune is using opam, whose installation is therefore recommended again.

Old releases