Test ISA13+BIS

Simplified ISA13: the aq qualifier applies to the composite read&write event of an atomic modify instruction. As a result, the two writes of Hart 0 are ordered, Forbid.

uint64_t x;
uint64_t y;

0:s0=x; 0:s1=y;
1:s0=x; 1:s1=y;

 P0                     | P1           ;
 li t0,1                | li t0,1      ;
 amoor.d.aq a0,t0,0(s0) | sd t0,0(s1)  ;
 ld a2,0(s1)            | fence rw,rw  ;
                        | ld a2,0(s0)  ;
exists 0:a2=0 /\ 1:a2=0