Flowing operational model vs. non-flowing operational model


This note compares two version of the operational model (ppcmem).

Notice other notes compare the flowing model with herd models and the non-flowing model with herd models.

Other models may appear in tables:

The tables also include hardware runs results (column “PLDI11”). Notice that those may be unreliable, due to part bugs.

Notice that ppcmem does not always terminate in the allocated time and memory bounds, so that these comparisons do not cover all our test set.

More behaviours

There are 9 such tests
MP+dmb+fri-rfi-ctrlisbAllowForbidForbidAllowForbidOk, 153k/193G
MP+dmb+data-wsi-rfi-ctrlisbAllowForbidForbidAllowNo, 0/113G
      Allow unseen
MP+dmb+fri-rfi-pos-ctrlisbAllowForbidForbidAllowOk, 50k/95G
MP+dmb+fri-wsi-rfi-ctrlisbAllowForbidForbidAllowOk, 86k/122G
MP+dmb+pos-fri-rfi-ctrlisbAllowForbidForbidAllowOk, 13/97G
PPO015AllowForbidForbidAllowForbidNo, 0/99G
      Allow unseen
MP+dmb+data-wsi-rfi-pos-ctrlisbAllowForbidForbidAllowNo, 0/97G
      Allow unseen
ISA2+dmb+fri+addrAllowForbidForbidAllowNo, 0/41G
      Allow unseen
MP+dmb+fri-rfi-ctrlisb+BISAllowForbidForbidAllowOk, 29/31G

Less behaviours

There is no such test

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