CAV12 vs. Power


As the CAV’12 model is experimentally equivalent to our model, except for a few test which are not observed on hardware (see this document), the experimental comparison of our model with Power hardware applies.

We thus here only emphasize that the experiments that invalidate the PLDI’11 model do not invalidate the CAV’12 model.

There are 4 such tests
MP+sync+ctrl-detrAllowOk, 12k/37GNo, 0/3.1GOk, 12k/34G
   Allow unseen  
DETOUR0821AllowOk, 25k/50GOk, 2/3.6GNo, 0/3.4GOk, 25k/43G
    Allow unseen 
MP+lwsync+addr-po-detrAllowOk, 21k/34GOk, 3/2.9GOk, 21k/31G
MP+sync+addr-po-detrAllowOk, 17k/34GOk, 1/2.9GOk, 17k/31G

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.